Rules and Regulations



4th Annual Chad Day Memorial Fishing Tournament 2022 
Sunday, April 10th
*We strongly recommend online registration before Friday April 8th.*

Last minute registrations will delay the start of the captains meeting and fishing.

 Captains meeting starts at 3:00 p.m. Saturday, April 9, 2022

     3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.     Tournament Captains Meeting 
Sunday, April 10th  
 2:00 p.m. deadline for pictures
Awards Ceremony After Winners are Determined 
*Times are subject to change. 


Participants will be fishing for Snook, Redfish, Trout
1st, 2nd and 3rd place Prizes for each species (Snook, Redfish and Trout) are as follows: 


      1st Place - $1,000.00

     2nd Place - $700.00

    3rd Place – $300.00


Inshore Tournament Rules 
Rules Acceptance 
•    It is the sole responsibility of the Captain, crew and anglers to read, understand and abide by the Tournament rules; including any and all special instructions and/or modifications announced during Captain’s meeting. 
•    At least one designated representative from each team must attend the captains meeting. 
•    Tarpon Bay Grill & Tiki expects the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship from its participants. 
Entry Deadline 
•    3:00 p.m, Saturday, April 9, 2022 

Entry Fee 
•    The entry fee is $280 per boat up to 4 anglers. There is a $70 fee for each additional angler, up to a maximum of 6 anglers per team. 

4 payment options:

  • Pay with paypal through the website when registering
  • Pay through Zelle using 941-228-5012
  • Pay by Check.  If paying by check please make check payable to Chad Day Fishing Tournament.  Mail payment to: 12118 Whistling Way, Lakewood Ranch FL  34202.  Checks will be accepted up to April 4, 2022.
  • Pay with cash or credit card at Captain's meeting on April 9, 2022

 •    Entrance Fee includes participation in tournament, 2 meal tickets for Sunday, Captains Dri-Fit Fishing Shirt and Captain’s bucket. 

Captain’s Meeting & Tournament Start 

•    Registration will be until 3:00 p.m. Saturday, April 9, 2022. 
•    The mandatory captain’s meeting will be Saturday, April 9, 2022, 3:00 p.m. at Tarpon Bay Grill and Tiki Bar
•    At least one member of each team MUST be present. All anglers are encouraged to attend the captain’s meeting. 
•    Anglers will be released to fish upon completion of the captains meeting. 
Entry Numbers 

•    Entry numbers will be assigned in order of registrations received and paid in full. There will be no deviation from the number system. 
•    Each tournament vessel will receive their entry number at registration and shall be required to display that number in a manner easily visible to tournament officials at check-in. 

Hours of Competition 
•    Tournament participants may begin fishing immediately after captain’s meeting and must have all pictures submitted in by 2:00 p.m. on Sunday April 10, 2022. 
•    Awards Ceremony will begin at 2:30 p.m. at Tarpon Bay Grill and Tiki


Fishing Boundaries 
•    Boats may fish east of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge but may not fish in Port Manatee. Boats may fish from an imaginary line drawn from the end of the North Sunshine Skyway fishing pier to end of Bean Point south to the Venice inlet. Anyone fishing out of this area will be disqualified. 
Fishing Rules 
•    During competition hours, there shall be no more than 6 anglers on any one entered boat. 
•    Wading permitted. Anchor must be set while wading. 

*    Live bait and chumming are permitted.

*   An angler may leave the boat and return at any time during the tournament but cannot fish off land at any time during that period.

*   An angler that leaves the boat may not be replaced by another angler not registered in the tournament.
All Fish - Snook, Trout and Redfish are Catch and Release only 


The Following rules apply for Catch and Release


•    Each team will receive a measuring device that must be used for the photos

•    The photograph must clearly show the head of the fish against the end of the measuring device and clearly show the entire fish and the total length of the fish, without obstruction of hands or fingers.

•    The picture should be taken from above the fish center.

•    The fish and measuring device should be on a flat surface.

*    Fish must not be covering the measuring tape.

•    Fish should not be stretched, bent, or manipulated in any way to enhance the length. The fish should be in a natural lay position. No pinched tails.

•    The photograph must clearly show the total length of the fish on the tournament tape measure.

•    All photos must include the official tournament marker provided.

•    The pictures should not be digitally modified or manipulated (this includes editing, cropping, and resizing).

•    Submitted fish measuring the same length must have distinct differences in appearance or angler may be disqualified.

•    Winners will be determined by adding the combined lengths of the 2 fish entered from each category.

Boat Substitution & Procedures 

•    Boat substitutions are permitted for mechanical failure only. 
•    Any substitutions must be reported to tournament officials PRIOR to the start of fishing. 
•    Boats are not permitted to have any physical contact with other boats during the fishing hours of the tournament with the exception of emergency or safety reasons and must be reported to a tournament official as soon as possible. 
•    Any protest resolutions are based on committee decisions, which are final. 
Inspection of Boats 
•    The rules committee reserves the right to inspect any and all boats entered in the competition. 
Procedures in the Event of Ties 
•    If two or more entries are the exact same length, the winner shall be determined by earliest submission of pictures.  

Rain Date 
•    To be determined only under Small Craft Advisory. 
•    There shall be no refunds. 
Rules Violation 
•    The penalty for any violation of any of the rules is disqualification, with tournament fees not refundable.   

Liability Release 
•    It is expressly understood that all registered participants and their companions, crew members and observers (the Participants) participate in the Chad Day Memorial Tournament at their own risk. 
•    All persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the Chad Day Memorial Tournament whether individual or corporation, shall have no liability whatsoever for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary and/or any other damage including without limitations, any damages arising from libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, harm, injury and death. 
•    This Liability Release shall be binding upon the participants and their representatives, successors and assigns. By entering the above stated tournament and paying entry fee, participants acknowledge that they have read and are bound by same. 
                             Questions? Contact Joann Day (941) 228–5012 
                                 Or Terri Pulaski (561) 410-0386. (text only)